Timed Writing

        I’m sure everyone is familiar with being graded on an essay you had to write in 45 minutes. Timed writing is used on very important exams such as the SAT and the GRE. Does being able to put together a decent essay in 45 minutes make one a good writer? Does asking for an essay in 45 minutes put slower writers at a disadvantage? Is this even a fair way to judge writing? I personally never hated the idea of timed writing, because I enjoy being challenged. I like having to think quickly and construct a simple essay in a short time. However I have friends that feel differently about timed writing. Typically this kind of writing is asked for in a high pressure environment, an exam, the SAT, the GRE, etc. All the stress from the writing environment can cause a person’s mind to go blank. Not everyone can thrive under high pressure and sometimes the best writers can get low scores on a timed writing exam. Although I don’t mind timed writing, I definitely would prefer if more time was given on essay exams. This way teacher’s will be evaluating a student’s best work instead of something thrown together in an hour. If only this could happen.

– Celine



One thought on “Timed Writing

  1. Is it terrible to say that my best writing happens withing the last 45 minutes? I’m going to say that 90% of my writing is frantic beat the clock work. Even if I have had a semester to do it, my work always seems to come down to the final few moments. The problem is that when I give myself time then I over think everything. At the last minute I am forced to narrow down my idea and express it as clearly as I can.

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