C’mon People Work Your Angles

 As I am working on my portfolio I am thinking about how I want to place my essays. What is the vibe I am looking for, do I want something strong, fluid, exciting, or surprising? Thinking about how the placement of my essays changes the mood made me realize other ways in which placement of things in other parts of daily life changes the feel.

I have done a lot of theater in my past and one thing that I have learned is that one of the most powerful placements on a stage is the front left side. The reasoning for this is because the most comfortable place for our eyes to start is the left side due to the way we read. Because we read from the left to the right side, when we scan something we follow this pattern. Whether looking at a stage, a party, a television, the bar whatever it might be, notice how you look at things. Do you follow this pattern or do you break the rules?

There is a big emphasis on the placement of our papers in our portfolio making me think of how such a simple thing, the order of essays, can make such a difference. Do you go in with a bang, or leave with boom? We all want our work to move smoothly, but the more I think about it,  my best hope of making my writing read smoothly is a large glass of eggnog while you read it.


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