Portfolio – Showing Improvements in Writing

Looking through the papers that we have to put in our portfolios, it becomes quite clear that the class has improved my writing skills, even though I have not been too aware of the improvement and further development of my skills during the semester. Looking at my response essays and comparing them to my research project, it becomes abundantly clear that the class was quite useful in making my writing skills grow by leaps and bounds; if I were writing my response essays now rather than in in the first half of the course, I would word things quite differently, as some of my choices then would not be to my satisfaction today.

This brings me to my main point – that while we may not be aware or even think something is helping us improve our skills, it most certainly is. It is much like the part in the movie The Karate Kid, where all the mundane tasks he was doing actually helped him improve physically without his prior knowledge; it is the same case here, where the portfolio helps us realize that we have improved our writing in some way, shape, or form. I originally came into the class thinking it would just be another English course that would be pretty forgettable, but it turned out to be the complete opposite, being one of the most memorable classes I’ve been in, and it actually helped me slowly but surely improve a useful skill.


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