Revise Revise Revise again

While starting my revision process for the portfolio, I struggled to decide what direction I would start in. It is way too easy to fall in to the trap that everything needs to be shelved and replaced with new, better, writing, but that’s often contradictory to the point of the exercise. After putting so much effort, both intellectually and with our time, it can be hard for students to sit down and alter their finished product so drastically, while also maintaining and improving the quality of the overall paper. At least we have our professor’s notes on the weak and strong points on our paper to start, but that’s about where my confidence in the process ends. I find it difficult to separate myself from the writing process, and find myself being too critical on my original finished product, while it would be much more beneficial to go in to the process with a positive attitude. It can be easy to do the easy thing and alter your sentences around, putting evidence in different places than in the original essay, but this adds no real improvement to the revision, other than it looking a little bit different. It’s tough to look at a paper and without gathering any new evidence rewrite the paper in a new argumentative direction. That’s why I see true merit in the revision portfolio exercise, as it teaches us to remove ourselves from the original finished essay and analyze it objectively, while finding places to improve your argument and make a more overall cohesive essay.


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