Icelandic Police Killed a Guy??

So I was going through Reddit’s front page today during my 2:30 lunch at Perkins, and read a pretty amazing article under this headline: “Police Kill Someone in Iceland…For the First Time Ever.”(Reddit Front Page, Source Below)  I immediately clicked the link, thinking that was dealing with some sort of mass homicide engineered by police authorities, and was sorrowfully disappointed.  Instead, I found that Icelandic police entered a 59 year old man’s apartment where they heard a shotgun being fired.  They entered the apartment, where only the man stood, and began to shoot when he fired upon them.   And by “they,” I mean “…between 15 and 20 officers,” with back-up provided by Special Forces. (BBC Article, Source Below)  They found that the man had shot no one, had no real reason to be firing the weapon, and had been shot after being told to stand down a few times.  So, did he kill anyone?  It is not revealed as of now.  But that is not the point.  The point is that Icelandic police sent over 30 armed officers to this man’s apartment because of a shotgun being fired.  But if this was done in a NYC apartment, 5 officers would be sent.  And if this was done in Oakland, Ca, 3 officers would be sent, and the killing would never have been reported. And that is really scary.

 Now, I understand that Iceland has one of “…the lowest crime rates in the world and shooting incidents are unusual,” but it is kind of ridiculous that this was there 1st EVER reported police brutality killing, when this happens in the US every day. (BBC)  Yes, we live in a much more diverse country, in terms of culture and economic standing, yet there should not be such a difference in the amount of police-based killings in the U.S. when compared to every other country in the world.  I am not saying that the right to bear arms needs to be taken away, but there is obviously something wrong with this countries system when handling armed situations with police interference if so many people die each year because of it.  Maybe the problem is the police training program when dealing with these types of situations.  Or maybe the problem is that so many people in this country shoot a gun and cause police to enter into an extremely dangerous situation.  I really do not know.  But what I do know is that this is a problem that may be polemically divided in Congress, but needs to be addressed, and eventually solved or at least curtailed.

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