A while back we had a class discussion on grammar and while the discussion dispersed into many different tangents there was one particular point that stuck out, is grammar really that important? There seems to be this notion that grammar was sent down from the gods as a flawless gift and any divergence from it is seen as blasphemy. When in reality grammar was created by humans, just like you and I, and it has evolved over time and is constantly changing. It is also not flawless and in some instances not even logical

               In a recent article (I’ve posted below), the website Cracked showed how sometimes the English language can make “no freaking sense”. They come up with five reasons, all of which were brought about because of some (often times minuscule) historical event.  A lot of the rules we let define our quality of communication were brought about because of one war or in another case, because of “sloppy hand writing”. There is no need to be bogged down by something that came about due to some arbitrary event.

                Also, there is no need to be a grammar Nazi, nobody is perfect, and in many cases neither is grammar itself.




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