Grading on grammar

So in every single past writing course, my ability to “write” was based off my ability to write with correct grammar. Sure grammar is important, no I don’t think that writing sloppy is appropriate either. I think that most teachers are too concerned with grammatical errors of students writing rather than the thought and voice a student puts in. Yes, certain rules are extremely important in grammar, like creating a sentence or using the correct tense. But it seems like teacher nowadays don’t even care about the bulk of the writing. A student could probably write whatever they wanted as long as it is grammatically correct. This type of grading happened to me all the time in high school, but luckily for me my professors in college are much less interested in grammar.

Now I have another problem, grammar was rammed into my brain all throughout high school but now that I am in college, the rules are fading away. As a criminal justice major my professors are most concerned with the content, laws and theories, that I include in my papers. Now that I am taking my second writing course I realize how much grammar knowledge I have lost. But at the same time I question whether or not every single grammar rule is even necessary. So are strict grammar rules important or only certain grammar rules?


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