Have you ever cried while reading a book?

         This question was asked a few classes back, sometime in October I believe. My answer to the question is no. I honestly have never cried while reading a book. I have however cried while watching a movie or sad video. Don’t get me wrong I have definitely gotten sad while reading a book, but never sad enough to shed a tear. On the other hand, sad movies turn me into a cry baby. I think I bawled my eyes out during the movie Lilo & Stitch. I think visuals are important in eliciting an emotional response. When reading a book, I can only imagine what the sad scene looks like. Actually seeing a sad scene on tv , makes me feel closer to the situation. I become invested in the characters emotions, because I feel as if I am right there with them. This might sound a little silly, but I love to watch movies and when I find a movie I like, I commit to the characters and their situations. I guess this is why I am more likely to cry when watching a movie than when reading a book. Thoughts?

– Celine


One thought on “Have you ever cried while reading a book?

  1. So I have this strange fun fact about myself that I have never cried from a movie or book. There are a lot of movies that are terribly sad but nothing yet has brought about tears. I don’t know why this is, honestly I am a little concerned about my lack of emotions. There is a bet around campus of whoever finds the movie to make me cry wins the jackpot. If you have any suggestions place your votes because it has been going on for three years now so far nothing has gotten me.

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