Those who are unfamiliar with the software Vine, it is basically a social network that allows individuals to post videos in order to get their message across. After posting a video, other users and friends are able to like, revine, comment, and follow you, allowing your videos to show up on their homepage. But wait, there’s a catch. The application only allows the creator six seconds or less to create their video. Now I know some people are thinking that sixty seconds was difficult enough to get a message across, and they expect people to only use six! In fact, many viners are able to create different types of videos that appeal to different audiences with such a small time frame. There are multiple categories such as comedy, scary, cats, food, music, news and politics, just to name a few. There are thousands of videos uploaded daily that are able to entertain viewers in many different ways. While seamlessly scrolling through never ending videos, one may take advantage of the thought that goes into these six seconds. Many videos are created very methodically with many different styles. Some are planned out where the viners act out scenes, or use stop motion to create cool effects, where other videos are random shots where they happened to be in the right place at the right time. But in most cases, these viners us a lot of rhetoric technique in order to convey their message in six seconds. I have seen many videos that use different ways to get their message across. Whether they are making fun of a type of person, political figure, or just doing random acts to get a laugh; they need to make use of every second of the video, as they only have six.


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