More On Vine

After finishing that blog last night about Vine, it really got me thinking about other aspects of the app, which one is viners becoming “vine famous”. These are everyday citizens who are able to gain a large number of followers because they make funny or interesting videos. It is almost like a full time job for some, as they make daily videos and rack up millions of followers. This allows the opportunity for anyone to express themselves and influence other individuals on a large scale, as there are virtually no limitations. For example, a kid I went to high school with posted a video over the summer that has over 1 million revines and 1 million likes. This shows how Vine is able to give people more power and influence than they could ever imagine. An individual could make videos in order to gain popularity and later begin to express their opinion or promote themselves in someway. Every video that person posts is seen by their thousands, and in some cases millions of followers. Suppose someone like the kid from my high school wanted to gain popularity and be seen as a rap artist. After his hit video he is now able to show six-second samples of his songs and put the iTunes or YouTube links below for hundreds of thousands to see. Vine has created a great amount of opportunity for people to promote themselves. Whether they are singers, actors, models, comedians, or any other entertainers, they are able to put create videos on Vine in hopes to become popular.

One thought on “More On Vine

  1. I think it’s awesome that technology is providing a new window for individuals to get their voices heard and work seen. Tons of celebrities have been discovered, because of internet videos. Social media websites like Vine give aspiring performers hope, that one day someone will see their talents. Being able to post performances to vine is a much easier way to get discovered than having to go from audition to audition. I actually have a resident living on my floor that is famous on vine and YouTube. I am happy that social media gave him the opportunity to have his talents appreciated.

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