Company Sales Techniques

With Christmas quickly approaching, companies are focused on targeting certain audiences in order to sell their products. They use different techniques in order to persuade certain people to buy their products. It seems to me that commercials make products undesirable to children, and put pressure on parents for them to purchase these items that there kids feel that now cannot live without. I remember as a kid, a commercial was able to make their product look so desirable that I would have to have it. In most cases it wasn’t even the product itself but the way they advertised it.  Most commercials show women shopping and running into great deals for them to buy for family members. I feel companies do this because women are usually the ones who go out shopping for the family.

Companies use different techniques in order to draw kids in to wanting toys and for parent to buy them. An article in US Today discusses a tool used by Wal-Mart that allows kids to go online and create their own wish list. “Applause is played when YES is selected. But it’s silent if NO is selected. “If you show us what you want on your wish list, we’ll send it straight off to your parents,” promises one elf.” This shows the amount of pressure that is put on parents by companies in order to make money. It doesn’t seem fair for Wal-Mart to make kids feel that they are getting the product just because they clicked yes and said that there parent are going to get it for them.


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