Verbal Rhetoric

As I sit in the library preparing for an oral presentation, I find myself wishing I’d taken Public Speaking. Though I understand the information I am presenting and am confident in the paper I will turn in to accompany my presentation, I can feel the knot in my stomach that I always get before speaking in front of a class. I can never understand why I get so nervous before giving presentations–it seems like an almost involuntary biological response (sweaty palms, SUPER red face, hives). Further, this leads me to wonder if my lack of confidence in presenting is due to a lack of training. 

I remember, weeks ago, discussing something similar in 225. We talked about the training we’ve received in verbal rhetoric. I don’t quite remember the stance I took during our class discussion but at this current moment I am certainly wishing I’d had more training. While I remember giving book reports in elementary school and presenting the occasional project in high school, this is the first semester that I’ve had to make a presentation in college. And it is definitely a lot more stressful. I wonder why, as a Junior, I’m only facing this problem now. Dont get me wrong, I’m very happy that presentations haven’t been part of the curriculm in my previous class–but I wonder if that has also hindered my ability to give presentations. Or, am I just not a fan of having all eyes on me? Who knows.

Hopefully, taking Public Speaking will help me to build confidence in my presentation skills but, until then, wish me luck!


One thought on “Verbal Rhetoric

  1. I feel the same way before I present, wishing I had more experience, training, and ability to control those emotions. In my opinion it is a little bit of everything that helps with presenting. Exposure is a big part of it. If someone presents in front of people on a daily basis, it will become a very simple task. Training and classes are a similar idea in the fact that we are simply exposing ourselves to public speaking.

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