Video vs Paper

          The concept in 60 assignment, was actually my first video project. In class we talked about writing literacy and media literacy quite a bit. So I thought I would do a blog post comparing making and editing a video to writing and editing a paper. Before writing a paper, I usually brainstorm and write a few thoughts down. Before making my video project, my partner and I jotted down a few ideas of what we wanted our video to look like. After the brainstorming stage of essay writing, comes the researching and outlining stage. I research information I want in my paper and when I am finished, I create an outline of where in the paper I will say certain things. Similar to this, when making my video project my partner and I researched music and photos we could use. After we shot all our video clips and photos, we made an outline of where in the video we wanted our footage to go. After a paper is written and a video is shot editing has to be done.  In a paper writers proofread, rephrase sentences, delete sentences etc. In a video editors split clips, delete clips, shorten videos etc. Writing a paper and creating a video have many similarities. More similarities than I wrote about in this blog post.

– Celine



One thought on “Video vs Paper

  1. I also feel that creating a video and writing a paper have similar structure. Although I enjoyed making the video more than I would have writing a paper on the same topic. I feel that the video allows for more creativity and fun. Also, when making a video we use a lot of editing software and cameras to create it, which I found easier and more enjoyable. I feel that it came naturally as we are more comfortable using this technology.

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