Sound In Film

While watching a commercial, TV show, movie, or any other multi media, people don’t always pay much attention to the music. In most cases it is the dialogue and visuals that takes the focus of the audience. In my opinion, the music chosen is the main factor that helps the commercial, movie scene of whatever it may be get its main point across. In order for the video to be effective, the music needs to reflect the mood and grab the audience’s attention. Sound and music can also hint toward what is to come in the next scene of later in the movie. For example, music intensifying to show that something bad is about to happen. The choice of music can completely change how an audience views a picture. Imaging a shark swimming around, if there is a smooth, majestic song playing, the audience will be at ease. If the JAWS theme song is on, the audience will be fearful.


Nathan’s video in class today showed that a picture does not exactly need music or any sound at all to be effective. The use of silence forces the audience to interpret the pictures the way they viewed them. There was no influence of sound to alter the way we view each picture. The one picture he used towards the end with the side view of a man kneeling by himself with the gloomy background was exactly that. The picture gave a gloomy and depressed mood. However, if there was a Rock N Roll song playing in the background, I would have maybe thought he was going into battle or something along those lines.


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