Cultural Literacy

As our society depends more on technology and revolves around the internet, it is more important for individuals to familiarize themselves with new technology such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other everyday personal devices. Those who neglect the importance of these tools are going to fall behind and risk becoming culturally illiterate. This may seem like a broad statement but I say it for a reason. Everything around us is being affected by the use of technology. News, weather, shopping, advertising, music, movies, and many other factors that influence cultural literacy are changing due to advances in technology. Many people are not able to even apply to a job without the Internet or ability to use Microsoft word.

Owning a smartphone can make an individual culturally literate in seconds. You are able to check the news, emails, weather, and look up anything you want to know with the touch of a button. An individual can know nothing about a certain topic, but have all the information they need by using a search engine on their smartphone. Those who lack this technology do not have access to any of this unless they get a newspaper which less and less people are doing. There is no way to deny that technology it taking over the way people view the world and heavily influencing our culture. Those who neglect this will simplify fall behind.


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