Video Project

  • So a 60 second video, never have I ever made a video like this. Originally I was kinda nervous about this project due to my lack of experience with technology. However, when we went to the library for the iMovie session I became much relieved finding out that the program was not difficult to use. So off I was, first deciding on my topic, I figured doing something general would help me in the creation of my video, then I can narrow in. Picking pictures was difficult due to copyright laws and making sure everything fit in correctly. And of course I ran into some issues, pictures wouldn’t drag and drop (I didn’t know any other way to go about it), or words didn’t fit and I couldn’t find the right music. I still do not think my song is the best but it works.
  • Although I still have some editing to do, I am proud of what I accomplished. I am sure mine won’t be the best in my class but I think I did a great job for a first timer. This project was a great idea to present in class and expand our horizons. I have never done anything like it, and although it was difficult, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring and creating my video.

2 thoughts on “Video Project

  1. I wonder why it is that video projects aren’t very popular in classrooms because your not the only one who said this was their first one. I think this was my second as I did one in high school. Maybe due to lack of resources or because it takes a special set of skills that not all students possess. I feel that it was a great learning experience that all students should have to go through multiple times in their learning career. Do you think teachers should incorporate video project more in the curriculum? Do you think your video would have been better if you made one before?

  2. I definitely think if I had a previous project such as this mine would have come out 10x better. It was a challenge trying to figure out more than just the simple things, like putting special effects in so the video wouldn’t put people to sleep. And yes I think each student should be required to take some sort of technology class, similar to E110. Not necessarily a video creation class, but more along the lines of basics needs, like powerpoint, excel, videos, word and so on. This kind of stuff is becoming a huge part in our lives and learning the correct way to use it all can be important.

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