Women Being Incapable

I know that I have written a blog post on plaigerism but I’m pretty sure that I haven’t touched on the discussion in class about women being more likely to plagiarize. I remember talking about it during a class discussion and I thought it was absolutely bogus that someone out there thinks it is possible for women to be more likely to plagiarize. That was until I realized it was not a recent article which made me feel a little bit better. What I loved, was Cedric’s response to this in mentioning roots in radical feminism. I completely agreed and was very intrigued by the article being completely driven by masculine ways. During that time women were not taking men’s professions, and now the age we live in this is something that is very popular. What I thought was interesting as well, was the comment Proffesor McCamley made about teaching being a men’s profession back in the day. I never knew this fun fact but it makes sense as to why these past rhetoric articles are written the way they are. I even loved the line “Women are incapable of being authors because they use other ideas.” Psh, they would go bananas in the 21st century. Get with it rhetoric. It helps us to see the evolution of rhetoric in a new light. The advances we have made with modern thought and the way times have changed with these assumptions of women, I feel is such a great step and something to look back on and smile about. I mean, how interesting is it that there are women’s studies classes. Just shows you how much of an improvement there has been with thoughts of women. 




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