im gunna have fun wit dis

r u reading dis in the way i’m righting it or does dis bother not yew in class sum sed dis ain’t an problem. do yew think it iz? grammar cleerly efects da weigh i right dis. and da way i is spelling. do u guyz think dis make me dum? or iz readible butt confuzing for me diz is harder 2 right then axially righting correct i like a idea of change butt if these idea were change it mite be hard and i think change way of d0ing it is kewl butt not elimanate for reason i don’t need said sure its a problum for jugging peoples who right and talk lyke dis butt its obviously seen y and i dunt think it restricks creativity bc i write gud n i still is creativ. i luv how i put punkuation still lol i cant exape rules. if being axepting of diffrent wayz to right is da weigh to be then y aint it like dat. and from wat i here in class us all talk intelligible and ax appropriate quesions , so y dunt we talk in otha wayz if it so axceptable n y dunt we right like diz. it clear dat i wud lyke 2 right dis way (pause) obvi . so wut i try to say iz dis is important nd its not fortunately dat we think dis aint right. jus thrown it out dere. have a gud weekend eryone. luv y’all diz class iz da besT !?!# y’all iz trippin

-snoop dodd


One thought on “im gunna have fun wit dis

  1. While it is apparent that someone who writes like this is probably not a well-read individual, discrimination against people who misspell things (however frequently) is silly. The thought or meaning behind a sentence or phrase is what gives the sentence its intellectual value. For example:

    “Yo Ahh weant 2 DAA WoodS CUZ Ahh WishEd TA LIvv DEliBerATeLy, 2 fronttt onlEh da EssentIal FaCtS of LYFe and C iff i cUD Nawt Learn wuttt IT Had TAAAA TeaCh an NAwt wenn Ah WnT Ta DiE, DiscOVuh Dat i hAd NAwt LiVeD. Ahhh Did NAWt Wishh 2 Livv WUt WaSS Nawtttttt Lyf, lIvinnnn IZ so DEar; NORR DiD Ah WiSH tA PrAcTise ResiGnashun un less It wass QUiTE NeCESsaRee. ah Wanted 2 LIvv DeEpp and $uckk ouTIII ALLL Da Marro outta lYf, 2 live sOO sturdy AN lyk a spartN AAs Ta pUtt Taa RoUT Al Dat waSS nawtt LyF, Taaaa CUT Uh BroaD $WaTH aN’ $have ClOsE, Ta drive LYfe n2 uHH CorNUh, AN’ reduce It 2 iz LoweSttt TERms.”
    – Henry David Thoreau (if he was born in another time and in another place)

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