Research Papers

I have always dreading writing research papers. Not necessarily because they are hard to write but more or less because the research part takes up a lot of time. However, with the ability to choose our own topics this time made it much more bearable. I loved the fact that I was able to add in pieces that included my major, I felt like this allowed me to really get into what I know and make the paper more interesting. However, at some point I was having trouble making my paper long enough. All of the different peer reviews and editing that we have been doing in class help me surpass the word count and make my paper the best it could be. This was an interesting and new way that I have never done peer review before. Usually, in previous peer reviews, we were told to fix grammar and spelling issues and nothing more. The fact that this time we were told to focus more on ideas was greatly helpful in the extension of my essay.

Surprising enough, I actually enjoyed the creation of this essay and the editing process that we were taken through. It was fun and new to me, and helped a lot more than previous editing sessions.


One thought on “Research Papers

  1. I completely agree that this editing process helped me to write my research paper. I loved that Professor McCamley set up those stations on Wednesday and let us pick out what our topic was in the paper and underline it. Doing small activities such as that helped me to focus my paper to a higher degree. Having the editing stage in different ways made it fun and unique, adding something exciting to the re-write process 🙂

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