Peer Revision

Normally, I don’t enjoy peer revisions. Every peer revision activity I can remember participating in ended up being completely useless for me. I remember in English 110 we would constantly get in groups to revise our papers–the problem was, no one would have anything substantial written. Needless to say, I wasn’t looking forward to this week’s peer revision activity in the least.

After a long weekend, I sat down on Sunday night to review my group member’s papers expecting to be bored out of my mind. Research papers are not exactly my idea of pleasure reading. As I began to read, I was pleasantly surprised. My peer’s papers were so interesting I began to feel guilty for dreading the activity in the first place. I thought their topics were extremely orginal and their ideas supremely insightful.

When we began to discuss them in class the following day, I realized that my previous peer revision experiences provided a completely inaccurate picture of what group work is like. Not only did I enjoy reading my peer’s papers, but they also gave me some wonderful feedback on my paper and gave me the encouragement I needed to have confidence in what I thought was a slightly far-fetched argument. In my professional writing class, my professor is always talking about how much working together is important in the work place and how often we will likely be working on group projects. I used to cringe everytime she said that, as I am not typically one to enjoy groupwork but this exercise has given me a new, much more positive outlook on working within a team.


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