Revise Revise Revise

When I began my first revision process, I looked at my “shitty first draft” and realized that even though the content was decidedly not there, I had the “skeletal” structure of a solid, cohesive research project. I’ve always been the type to do all the prep work, making outlines, finding quotes, basically formulating my entire argument, and then start writing. For me, the revision process has been less about glaring patches in my writing that I need to fix, but more minor touch-ups, or rearranging of certain sentences and to a lesser extent entire paragraphs. Now, as a college senior, I have finally seen the error in my ways (you know how they say better late than never). With this shitty rough draft, and through the help of my peers who reviewed it, I was able to find an entirely new aspect of my paper that is absolutely crucial, and without an entire re-examination of my paper from the ground up I most likely would never have discovered this and my essay would have suffered. Then, even on my second time through revising my paper I found an even better direction for my paper to take, and now with plenty of time until we have to hand in our finished product, I actually feel no pressure or anxiety about the paper for the first time in my life. So yes, I will be using the “shitty rough draft” method from here on out, so hopefully my completed research essays and other writing assignments will be not so shitty.


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