New Ideas

The production of new ideas is a controversial topic that has come up in many of our group discussions.  The most interesting aspect of developing new ideas came to me when we were discussing plagiarism and how new ideas are difficult to come up with especially when discussing foreign discourse. If an individual knows very little on a subject, their only way to learn it and present information in a paper is with the use of others ideas who are much more literate with that subject. Only after an individual has used tools such as patch writing to gain knowledge from others ideas, are they able to create their own thoughts that branch off of the foundational ideas from the material, thus creating new ideas. An individual cannot simply be punished from attempting to familiarize themselves with foreign discourse.


I feel that it also comes down to what the individual is assigned to write about. If it is material they are familiar with, they will be able to site some sources but mostly use their own knowledge to back up information. If it is a fictional piece that an individual is able to use their imagination and create their own ideas, it is going to be even more original. When the material is non-fiction and an individual is not familiar with the topic and much of it is already covered, this restricts the opportunity to create new ideas. If you are writing about an event or history, it comes down to just stating the facts.

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