Do I Even Remember How to Do This?

I haven’t written a rough draft, for a paper, since high school. Sure, I have had writing classes in college but I can’t remember any of them requiring a rough draft before the final assignment. Most of my professors only asked for us to turn in the final project. I’m sure some students did a rough draft, but most went straight to a final paper since a rough draft wasn’t worth any points. I remember liking the fact that I had to write a rough draft first and turn it in so my peers or professors can give me their opinion on what they think of my paper. It helped me organize my thoughts so much better then just having to figure it out all on my own. I find it so much less stressful knowing that my paper has been evaluated by others and I know what I need to do to make it appealing to the reader. It’s so stressful when I just turn a final paper in, not knowing what my reader is looking for, until I get it back and I’ve lost half the points! A rough draft helps me to get my ideas on paper without worrying about what I need to take out or fix. I loved writing my research paper because I was able to spend a couple hours just writing all my thoughts down. I didn’t have to second guess myself or worry about it being perfect. Once it was edited by my group, I knew exactly what I need to do to turn in a great research paper. It definitely helps to have the opinion of others, who I believe are amazing writers.\



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