Rough Draft


I’m honestly enjoying the rough drafting process. This is the first time I’ve done a rough draft in college since Eng110 and I’m finding it to be very beneficial.  In the past I’ve usually procrastinated when it came to a research paper, not starting it until a week before it was due, and never had I done a rough draft. I would plow through the paper and hand it in, reviewing it only for spelling or grammar errors, not being critical of my argument, taking it as it stood.

With the drafting process I am forced to work on my paper in intervals, preventing me from procrastination. I also get to see if my argument is worth a damn and find ways to fix it to make it much stronger. I feel that I benefit more from writing a paper when the drafting process is implemented.  I get to learn what I’m doing wrong and find ways to fix it, which ultimately lead to a better written paper.  With the drafting process I learn more and do a better job overall.

Now I’m sure there are those of you who use the drafting process without any prompt, but for students like me a little kick in the butt can go a long way. I think more class should implement the drafting process, because it will benefit those students who are prone to procrastination and students how self-draft will have already done so anyway. Win/win



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