Cool Your Jets

The discussion today on being able to compose our own thoughts without others is something that I think people are struggling with. As we discussed, the repercussions for plagiarizing are extremely harsh, and it makes more sense to have the different levels of plagiarism, much like the author stated. By having these different levels, it can assist in students not being reprimanded for their first time offense. Like how I said in class, I feel that it is important that teachers realize that students are commonly unfamiliar with a topic, lacking the knowledge and therefore feeling like plagiarism is their only option. If teachers are more sympathetic to this problem, then it will be able to serve as a time of teaching instead of punishment. It was sad to see how frightened younger children are by the plagiarism policy. This could potentially cause restriction to original ideas that students may have, because they question if someone else has already had this idea. Clearly these policies are entirely restricting and are causing mental blocks for those who actual care about writing, and have unique ideas. By having these small changes, children will not feel as scared to try and write their own thoughts, without being accused of using someone else’s work. Hopefully this will be something that can be altered in future school systems, or there may be hope in our generation as young educators. 

Erin Dodd


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