A Shitty First Draft Sounds Great!

Oh the common issue so many of us deal with. Personally when I begin my process of writing a rough draft, it contains no structure whatsoever and I pretty much just put all of my thoughts out on the paper, much like the “Shitty First Draft” article describes. The issue I have, is getting around to structuring it after the shitty first draft has been completed. I always feel comfortable and content with the thoughts I have already produced on paper. Many teachers have tried to help me with my technique and walk me through, by asking me what points I feel like are the most important in the work I am writing about. After I declare those three ideas, I find ways to support them. This process seems to work best for me, but I have unfortunately had teachers who have said “Make your rough draft extremely close to your final draft.” Uhhh…. then why is it considered a ‘rough’ draft?! 

Teachers should consider the ability of having rough drafts actually be rough! It’s okay if they aren’t the complete final draft! It isn’t supposed to be! It is comforting for me to see that many have a shitty first draft as well, so it’s nice to know that I am not alone. I appreciate teachers not expecting a near perfect rough draft. Thank you Mr. McCamley.

-Erin Dodd


2 thoughts on “A Shitty First Draft Sounds Great!

  1. I agree! Trying to write a rough draft as a final paper overwhelms me.How am i suppose to get my ideas on the page perfectly the first time i attempt to write the paper. Rough drafts that i show teachers are usually different from what my actual rough draft looks like. I tend to edit it more and make it more flawless, which completely defeats the purpose of a rough draft/1st draft.
    — Celine

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