Venture Forth and Look at Cats

Throughout the past couple weeks in class we touched on the role of technology in the classroom and in society as a whole.  Whilst reading up for the upcoming research paper, I stumbled upon a poorly-written blog regarding technology in the classroom.  The website didn’t look pretty and the content was disorganized.  In fact I can’t even find the website anymore.  It did, however, pose what I thought was quite an interesting point (forgive me if we already mentioned this point in class): with the advent of the internet and the availability of  information, we become seekers of knowledge rather than stagnant receivers.  No longer are we restricted by what’s in a textbook or what a teacher tells us.  Rather, now , oftentimes tangentially, we learn actively.  Sure we may begin reading an article about potential U.S. involvement in Syria and end up reading why Justin Bieber was wearing strange saggy pants, but the point stands.  We choose what we want to know on the internet.  We learn, even if it is trivial knowledge, of our own volition.  I think when presented like this, the internet becomes an exciting frontier of information waiting to be explored by us.  If children are educated about how to search the internet effectively, we can make unmotivated students feel like pioneers of their own learning.  I think this could be a great tactic of improving school education quality.


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