“Grades Part 3”

My educational philosophy is that grades in and of themselves, despite how necessary they are for “rating” students are actually detrimental to the growth and development of students.  In a perfect world grades would not exist, or at least student’s would not be made aware of their “grade” in a class.  I believe that rating students creates an atmosphere of competition in schools instead of a communal setting where people are working together to better themselves.  Now I do recognize the reality that grades are necessary evil and we can’t eliminate the completely; however, we can eliminate our focus and obsession with “good” grades.

In a perfect world grades are a simple reflection of the knowledge a student has attained and nothing else.  They are simply a tool for colleges, organizations, and parents to get an idea of how much the student has learned and are not an “end all”.  Students should be allowed to alter their grades later in the course if they can prove that they now understand previously tested material.  Grades are not fixed, they are adjustable but only based on the knowledge acquired by the student.  There should not be an honor roll, meaning a list of students with the highest grades and students should not feel like they are being pitted agaisnt their fellow class mates for the praise of teachers and faculty based on the grading system.  They should feel supported in their learning, they should be taught to appreciate the knowledge they are receiving.  In a perfect world, students love to learn.


Travis Piser


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