“Grades Part 2

My second point of the three I will be making (the first of which can be found in “grades part 1) is that far too often do grades not actually reflect the knowledge attained by the students.  For example, it is common practice for high school teachers to deduct points from a student for behavioral issues.  This is a display of unethical behavior in education at a staggering level.  Grades should be a reflection of the students understanding of the subject material and nothing else, and for it to reflect something else is, in my opinion, fraud on the part of the teacher.  When a student applies to a college or for a scholarship they submit those grades and they weigh heavily on that organizations decision whether to give the student what they are seeking.  What the organization is relying on is that those grades are an accurate representation of the student’s knowledge and understanding of the course material they have been exposed to.  If teachers are altering grades based on behavior or other non academic factors than they have misrepresented the grades and thus mislead other organizations on which students should be granted scholarships or entrance to certain schools.  This of course doesn’t even begin to discuss the fact that the alteration of student grades will affect the possible futures of students.  A smart student may have some behavioral issues due to a bad home life.  For this student, going to college may be their only ticket out of the slum that they grew up in and yet they won’t be able to do that, not because they aren’ smart enough but because their grades do not reflect their knowledge but their personality.


Travis Piser


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