Concept in 60 Project

To be honest, I am basically panicking about my Concept in 60 Project. I have a topic and have somewhat outlined what I want to get across in my video and how I want to do it. But I’m still panicking. I 100% do not consider myself technologically inclined, which I think I’ve mentioned before in class. Thus, the root of my panic. And its making me feel like a complete idiot. After our discussions in class about technology, all its benefits, all its drawbacks, I feel like I should know how to make a minute long video. But I don’t.

Thinking back to Professor McCamley’s comment about his students not being able to create different forms of media, I’ve realized that I completely fit this stereotype. I absorb information from tv shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc. but I would never think of creating one. Does this make me media illiterate? Does this mean that I underutilize all the resources available to me to get my points across? I think, in some ways, it does. If I constantly absorb information from tv and movies but I have no knowledge of how to make even the simplest of ‘video texts’, then I am missing a huge part of what goes into creating and distributing the information I am so quick to accept.

I’m hoping that through this Concept in 60 project, I will gain a better understanding of this. After talking so much about media literacy and its importance in a culture where we are constantly surrounded by different forms of media, I am excited to finally be able to understand what really happens behind the scenes–how information gets from its place of origin to my tv or computer screen. I know this video is only one minute long, but I think the process of making it will make me feel a lot more comfortable deciphering the information I see on my tv or computer screen.. and a lot less lame about my inability to use technology like a normal 20 year old.


One thought on “Concept in 60 Project

  1. I feel your pain! I’ve never made a video before, so I’m having a little bit of beginners anxiety at the thought of making one. It;s funny because I would consider myself a film buff, I’ve seen hundreds of films, analyzing them and judging there technical proficiency, but I’ve never thought of making one myself.

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