Patchwriting Discussion

The patch-writing discussion definitely sparked my interest because of my English major background. I feel as if it is appropriate to gently use another person’s idea as long as it is cited for. For me, I know I am able to understand something if I can restate the main idea back to an audience. Therefore if a student is able to look at a piece of work from another colleague, comprehend it, and use ‘some’ of that colleague’s work to support their idea, then I feel that is an appropriate way of giving credit to the original author. Just as it was stated in class, it is hard to come up with original ideas that have not been explored in a previous time. What we are able to do instead, is to thinnk creatively by using these ideas as an example, reference, or inspiration, to make it into something that WE create and are passionate about. Sorry I am all Alex and Ani’d out right now because we just had our Charity by Design meeting with one of the employees from Headquarters, and she inspired me to look at other people’s work as an inspiration for my future. I just think that it’s important to do your research in order to get a point across, you are still adding your own personality to it. By doing this, it is not patch-writing, it is almost assisted writing. Without using quotes it makes it difficult for a person to be able to explain a concept, but I don’t feel it is necessary to use chunks of words that aren’t quotes to beef up your work. Anyone is capable of paraphrasing something, or understanding something in their own terms. Depending on your writing and learning style I feel that this process can vary, but I definitely think it’s possible to incorporate one’s creativity in something they aren’t completely knowledgeable on, by reading an article and writing their own comprehension of it.


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