Just Something to Think About

After class, I started to think a lot about what I would do for my Concept in 60 Project. And do I know what I am going to do? Absolutely no idea. But, what I realized after class was how amazing non-verbal communication is, and how much of an effect it takes in everyday life. A psychological study done by Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen identified six universal facial expressions that one can identify in virtue of being human. And that is pretty amazing if you think about it. The six universal expressions are happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger. So, if I go to Spain, I may not be able to order a hamburger, but I can get my emotions across pretty well. Because no matter the language you speak, all humans can identify these 6 emotions from just facial expression. So next time you have a conversation with someone, no matter who it is with, remember how important facial expression is. Because showing a smile is universally understood, and will always be taken well. So smile often, and maybe talk a little less.


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