The Role of Technology in Success

Toward the end of our last class, we began discussing whether we felt technology was necessary for personal success.  Depending on the definition of technology, I do not think it is *necessary*.  If we take technology to mean things such as clothes, pencils, paper, shoes, bicycles, etc., then yes, I think technology is necessary for people to do anything in the world today in a developed place such as the United States.  However, if we redefine technology as modern electronics, then no I do not believe it is necessary to be personally successful.  Again, ignoring the broad idea of technology (i.e., you cannot read a book to learn because technology printed it), you can be personally successful living a more “simple” life.  For example, some Amish people still today do not use electricity.  As far as they are concerned, they are living a holy and wholly satisfactory and successful existence.  Granted, this is made possible because the Amish live in a community conducive to their lifestyle, but the point still stands.  More importantly, I think personal success is not static; satisfaction is transient.  What you may consider to be successful now might change in the future, and maybe no amount of technology will help you to feel or become successful.  We may fantasize about living “off the grid” sometimes, but we know in the back of our minds we might not want to be cut off from something like the internet for may than a day or two.  That is because we have already tasted the forbidden fruit that is modern electronics.  I think that is why we have a hard time believing anyone could be successful without technology: because we only have our worldview to consult.  There are always outliers, but I’m certainly not one of them!


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