Google is the new superbrain…

The article by Nicholas Carr discusses the current way people access information and how the medium for information affects people. Carr’s argument draws the reader to the negatives involved with internet information searching. He points out that people only skim articles and that people no longer go into deep thought when gaining information. He goes on to say that the way we read and write becomes affected by the new medium as well.

Although, he has many good points, Carr doesn’t have a lot of evidence to support them. He could be right, but I don’t think the internet is going to change everyone. I can only speak for myself when I say that skimming isn’t the only way to obtain information from the internet. I am a person that may not read every article I see, but that isn’t always because I am only looking for specific information. If I do leave an article before I finish it, it’s probably because I just happen to find what I am reading to be boring. Most of the time I do finish what I’m reading. I also think that Google has affected me positively because I read more. With a smartphone, it’s like I can carry a library in my pocket. Google may have made me less able to find information in a library, but I don’t believe it has made me any more stupid.


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