The Use of Media


The lead of class discussion today really read me interested in what it is that we are knowledgeable about from what the media hands us. They spit this information out at us but are we really able to take the time to actually understand an article that is presented, or to take the effort to look into the article topic to better understand their point? I feel that unless you are completely and entirely interested in a news article then you will more than likely not take the time to read the entire thing, maybe just the headline. Do headlines get points across in the news industry? It makes me wonder what people are really drawn to in the news. Do you become intrigued because it is an interesting topic? or because it is something that you are familiar with? What makes news articles so successful, and what doesn’t make them successful. Some people get angry by what types of news stories are put out there, it makes me curious as to which ones those people would rather have. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you could control what would be aired on the news what would it be? Do you think people would want to listen to the topics that you would address or do you think you would need some persuasive rhetoric tools in order for others to better understand what exactly you would like them to take away from your news story. Could you be successful in the news industry?

-Erin Dodd


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