When Being Literate Is Not Enough

In class, we discussed the importance of being literate, and whether or not someone could survive or even thrive in our current society without the ability to read and write. While there are extreme examples of someone who lacks these skills becoming very successful, with increases in educational technology as well as improved access to schools these successful outliers will continue to dwindle in number. In this day and age, the ability to read and write does not make one stand out, as it is now the standard. When everyone reaches this “literate” plateau, then those people who have deeper abilities to understand complex messages and themes less easily accessible will rise to the top and become most successful, especially if they also have the ability to deliver these concepts as discretely and with as much results as the ones they read or hear.

Our language is constantly evolving, and as the ability to read and write, as well as decode deeper meanings in the words, becomes more and more widespread until it is the norm, the meanings of symbols and other forms of communication become that much more significant.  When everyone is at the same general comprehension level, the face value meanings of the words become less and less important, as their definition is now generally accepted as the standard. In order for one to keep up with the constantly changing language of symbols and words in our society, one must continue to communicate with others seeking this goal, and our discussions in class are only evidence of this as we continue to learn and argue about the efficacy and importance of rhetoric and writing in contemporary society.


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