This, that or the other?

Kind of funny how today in class we were discussing concepts of literacy and the class consensus was that the more literate a person is the more successful or powerful they can be. I generally consider people who go to and graduate college to have higher literacy rate, so I think that the discussion was biased in many ways more than one. A lot of students agreed that in order to be in a position of power, a person must be literate. However, I believe that in other countries, to be in power is not about being literate but sometimes how rich one is or simply inheriting a place of power. For example, in Britain, it does not matter if the person is smart or dumb, the person that becomes king or queen is that who is in line next in the family. I do think that for the United States, literacy is extremely important in order to obtain power. The public would not elect a president who is illiterate, however, we would also never elect a person who is not wealthy. Simply to be put on the ballot, a person has to have tons of money to use on campaigning and getting their name out there. So, sure literacy plays a huge part in becoming powerful, but so do other aspects that could be even more important.

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