Is it possible to be new and original?

So today in class we discussed “new.” When professors say that the assignment given needs to be original, ones own ideas, and unlike any other, a large task is at hand. Is it even possible to ideas to be completely new nowadays? Hard to say. In my opinion, I would say that any possible idea out there has been thought of before, regardless of if the idea was documented. However, I think there is a possibility of completely originality when it comes to twisting and turning an idea. This action could enhance the idea and really make it ones own.

However, this is a really difficult task for the student. Twisting and turning an idea can take some deep thought and sometimes may not end as original either. Theres a fine line, when student twist and turn, that determines whether or not the idea becomes original and new. Sometimes the twisting and turning could end with something that is old and used. It is hard for a person to dig deep down and truly find something new, put aside everything they have ever heard or seen from others.

On the other hand, when a professor says to create something new, do they mean new to the world or new to the writer? Sure, it would be a daunting task to create something new for the world, but creating new to the writer would be easier, however, research would need to be involved. So, yes, “new” is possible but not without the work and admiration of the worker.


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