Thankfully One WOMEN Talked the Would-Be Georgia School Shooter Down

While reading the article “How One Women Talked The Would-Be Georgia School Shooter Down” many reoccurring questions continuously came to mind. Would there have been a different outcome if it were a man instead of a woman who was working at the school that day? Could an average man handle the high-tension position correctly in order to defuse the terrifying situation? How do the roles that men and women play in society, and the specific qualities and traits that these roles reflect on us play a part in this tragic situation?

Although now more than ever gender roles are changing as women are becoming more involved outside of the home and acting as the main breadwinner for the family; for many years they were expected to stay home to raise children and perform more domestic roles. Many people argue that the reason for these gender roles is either determined by nurture or nature. For the sake of this blog I’m going to say that it is a little bit of both for now.

Women have a natural way with words and connecting with others emotions.  Antoinette Tuff used this skill, which ended up saving many children’s lives. If it were to be a man in the office that day, he may not have been able to calm down Hill, as Tuff was able to. She was able to use rhetoric to persuade Hill that he would not get in trouble and that his life wasn’t over, which resulted him to put down the gun and surrender to police. I feel that a man in this situation would have tried to use force, which may not have been the best way to go.

I found it to be an amazing feat that Tuff was able to stay calm and use her skill of persuasion to stop Hill from his anticipated assault. Although it seems like a skill that she would have to posses, I feel that it was more if her womanly instincts to emotionally connect with the individual and have him surrender the gun.


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