writing requirment


I don’t believe that students should be forced to take additional writing courses. For English majors and other affiliates, I’m sure the thought of taking a writing course each year is met with cheer, as those are the students who would most benefit and enjoy those classes. However, for a mathematician, I’m sure the thought of taking additional writing courses may be met with less cheer. Now let’s look back at the English major, how would he/she feel about the requirement of taking a math course each year? Would it be met with cheer? Likely not, because math does not benefit their study of English. It would be unfair to say that writing is the only universal course that everyone must take. Is writing more important than math? Each subject has its own value and I don’t think it’s right to say that one subject is more important than another. So, if we are to be fair about this we must also require students to take a math course each year as well. What about the sciences? To be fair, surely we must add them as well. Where does it stop?

If we start to require students to take every subject imaginable, then we may start developing students who are average in all subjects. This may decrease the amount of people who have mastered a specific subject, like medicine for instance, which may have dire effects on our future health.  There is importance in being a well-rounded person, but at what cost?

-Zach Dennis


One thought on “writing requirment

  1. Hmm I definitely understand where you are coming from. Writing is also incorporating itself into a lot of other subjects other than English. For example psychology, economics, criminal justice and many others Taking a second writing course becomes kind of unnecessary when loads of writing is done in classes not considered English classes. I am taking an HDFS class rite now and so far I have written 4 papers for it. I think that’s more papers than I wrote in my ENG110 class.
    – Celine

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