Writers Block

I really enjoyed the discussion in class today pertaining to writers block. One thing I found really interesting was the fact that everyone gets writers block for different reasons. Personally, I get writers block because I tend focus on the fact that my paper will be evaluated. Knowing that I’m going to receive a grade or another person is going to judge my paper, causes me to want my writing to be perfect. The idea of perfection scares my creativity away and my mind is left blank, hence the writer’s block. This leads me to a question, is there such a thing as flawless writing? I would think no. All writing, even those written by professionals, has room for improvement. Thoughts?
Today in class, I also thought back to the discussion on Monday, when we talked about the authentic voice. I think that writers block sometimes stems from a battle between our expected voice (the way instructors want us to sound) and our authentic voice (our genuine, undisrupted way of writing).

– Celine


3 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. I completely agree with you that writer’s block can often stem from a struggle between expressing our own personal voice and the kind of voice that is expected of us. I often get criticism from professors for using passive voice in my papers (which is something I should actually really work on..). When I go to change my sentences from passive to active voice, though, I find myself constantly struggling with how to express what I’m trying to say. This is so frustrating, especially because its such a simple task! When I ask someone for help, I’m always shocked at how easy it is to change. I guess since I don’t always think in terms of active voice and I already have to words in passive form right in front of me, I can’t imagine them differently. I would probably say that writer’s block hits me the most in this kind of situation, which I would interpret as a struggle between my personal voice and the voice expected of me.

  2. I also tend to get writer’s block when I know my paper will be graded! I try to write carefully and make each sentence important in an essay, and this can influence my personal writing style. I have to stop writing how I would normally feel comfortable, when everything clicks naturally and “flows.” Instead, I feel like each sentence and paragraph needs to be individually constructed to fit together and everything needs to sound professional. These times when I have to think how to “translate” my language to academia or any formal audience are when I lose my train of thought and get stuck knee-deep in an idea going nowhere.

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