Writer’s Block

I feel that writer’s block is mainly caused by forcing ones writing. When a writer has passion for what he/she is writing, his/her writing flows naturally and they has no problem putting words to paper. When a writer is forced to write on a topic he/she is not particularly interested in the whole processes becomes laborious and words do not come cheaply. The writer is then forced to do research in order to put together even the simplest of sentences, which would make research papers the biggest agitator of writer’s block. With this logic the most naturally, free flowing, faster than the speed of light process would be the one used during a personal essay. If there is one thing in this world that each and every one of us is passionate about it is ourselves (unless your self-loathing, but that’s another story). When a paper involves personal opinion or character, most of us would have no problem breezing through the paper as though we were simply writing thoughts in a journal. However, there is a problem that come about with the personal essay and that is self-consciousness. Since writing is mainly about the audience, one can let the thought of an audience’s judgment block their free flowing process even when the topic evokes as much passion as the topic of ones selves. I think we have all let self-consciousness block our writing at one point or another. So if you agree with my view of writer’s block, it would seem that passion and self-consciousness are the biggest variables in the function of writers block.

-Zach Dennis


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