The Value of Feedback

For this week’s reading by Rose, I think I was most struck by his encouragement for students to seek out feedback in order to develop their papers and fight writer’s block. I have always been the kind of student that asks my professor to read my paper when it’s  halfway completed in order to figure out what I’m doing right and what I could improve upon. From our recent class discussions about writing and its rules and our predisposition to focus more on grades than the papers themselves, I was beginning to think that this might be something I should stop so that I could focus more on my own voice. Rose’s encouragement to do this pointed me in a new direction, though. I was happy to hear that this practice of seeking feedback is something that should be valued, since I find it exceptionally helpful when writing.

I’m currently taking a class on professional writing and we often talk about the value of feedback but that discussion is usually centered around professional documents like memos and pamphlets and instructions. Although I certainly realize the importance of seeking feedback for documents like this, I was starting to think that these discussions were not really applicable to the other aspects of my life. I love when I’m taking classes that overlap in some ways and was happy to realize that what I’m learning in professional writing is applicable to my other writing classes as well.

Further, I began to think of feedback in a more general sense; isn’t feedback almost always a valuable tool? I ask questions constantly throughout my day, whether its asking the barista at Starbucks which type of coffee is better or asking my mom what kind of mascara she likes the best. So, I wonder, why did I need two classes and an academic article to show me the value of feedback when its something I use everyday!? This class is really teaching me that I need to stop second guessing my habits and practices when it comes to writing and just trust my instincts; it seems that, though I don’t realize it, I have some kind of subconscious motivation for most of my writing practices. From our discussions I’m learning that I should really just embrace that and do what I feel is best for me!


-Kendall Manning


One thought on “The Value of Feedback

  1. I feel as if feedback is something that is valuable, but I get confused at times with my feelings on it. Lets say a teacher who is not fond of your writing style, gives you feedback in a negative way, even though your paper would look wonderful in another teachers eyes. If you are getting feedback from a teacher that is clearly not accurate than is it valuable?

    On the other hand. I find every type of feedback to be useful because the teacher still has a greater knowledge of the subject than you. In that case, any kind of feedback that they will give you, is relevant in some way. Criticism is something that we must deal with as adults in any job force, so I think receiving feedback, conditions us to be able to accept criticism to a higher degree later in life.

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