Do You Write Better Than a Fifth-Grader?

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon electrified by coffee, typing away to get a head start on my week. I do not have time to think about making my thoughts sound pretty, so here they are. I believe that English can be a beautiful language, but when one tries to flower it up we loose the beauty behind it. In the way that a beautiful girl who wears too much make up looses her natural beauty, when we dig through a thesaurus to find words to make our message sound more intelligent we loose the fluency behind the meaning.
Children have the most remarkable imagination, but they need to learn how to write and express their thoughts. These lessons of writing are the stepping stones of communication. From these teachings a student must learn how to intelligently speak their minds. In Engfish an example of a third-grader’s writing was used and the words painted a picture in the mind of the reader, but we cannot always write the way we did in third grade. Our vocabulary has grown, we have a better understanding of grammar, and more thoughtful ideas to print on the page. We must take the instruction and passion of a child and build upon it to have inspired writing.
There is nothing wrong with big, eloquent words- the problem is that we use them without conviction. Rhetoric is used to get your message across to an audience. What ever words are needed to do so- use them.
-Alicia Donahoe


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