Oh English

A couple of weeks ago I had an experience at my job that really ticked me off. So much, that I emailed Professor McCamley jogging my memory on our class discussion of ‘real’ and ‘fake’ majors. A customer had asked me what major I was graduating with. I replied “English” and in response the customer said “Oh really? On purpose?” …. Needless to say this definitely threw me for a loop and honestly made me question why I was actually an English major. It didn’t take me long to think of how many career paths I can go toward with this major. It helps me to be a better communicator, guides me in self expression, and gives me tools to be able to succeed in any future endeavor. This is something that all majors need to take away from my post. It does not matter which major you choose. Regardless of future job opportunities, if you really love something and have a passion towards a certain major, you should stick with it. Don’t let anyone belittle you into thinking that your major is not worthy. All of our majors are important, and will carry us to our dream job. We are all important.

and here is my e-mail haha

and here is my e-mail haha


-Erin Dodd


One thought on “Oh English

  1. I understand your frustration with people’s preconceived notions about majors and eventual career choices. I’m a pre-vet major and I experience a gamut of reactions when people ask about it, but I’ll divide them into three paths, like a lame choose your own adventure, where you don’t choose anything.

    Path 1: Usually it starts with me saying “pre-vet” and whomever I talking to hear “pre-med.” Then they ask do you have to go to medical school to be a veterinarian, which is a valid question. I explain it is four years of vet school after being an undergrad, like medical school. The vast majority of people then say “Oh wow I could never be in school for that long!” or “I could never put an animal down.” Okay, good to know, I guess.

    Path 2: I like this one. This is the group of people that love animals and are genuinely excited to ask about my times working in vet clinics or what kind of classes I take.

    Path 3: This is the most vexing by far. This is the group of people that assume I’m some sort of veterinary genius and should be able to diagnose their cat’s loss of hind limb motor function via a brief conversation. I’m just an undergrad student. I could solve some organic chemistry syntheses problems if that helps? Probably not.

    -Travis Mills

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