Is technology good or bad?

We all have heard that technology is ruining the younger generations. People are unable to talk face to face with others or we rely too much on technology. But is this really true? Sure, certain technology people can live without, constant texting, tweeting, facebooking etc. But what about the other things that technology does for us? With the internet people are able to gain knowledge and learn faster than ever before. We are able to look up any question and find the answer within seconds, instead of rummaging through old books and asking people around town.

But of course, others say that technology runs our lives and we are unable to live without it. Technology has an addicting factor to it, you can walk around any university and you will see nearly every student with a cell phone or laptop on them at any given point of the day. Even little kids nowadays, whether they like it or not, are forced to know and learn how to use a computer or phone. For example, my niece is 4 years old and has to take an aptitude test for kindergarten, the very first thing she needs to be able to do is to use a computer mouse. If she fails to use it, she fails the exam. So it can be asked, is technology running our lives or has technology simply becoming a part of it?

Just like everything else in life, technology has its positives and negatives, it is just a matter of finding out what falls into each category.

–Jamie Tan


One thought on “Is technology good or bad?

  1. I think to a certain degree that it is ruining our lives. People seemed to be much happier and well off in earlier years before cell phones and computers. They appreciated things more and would rather go outside and get dirty than sit inside. I feel as if I learn more from the previous generations, especially my grandmothers and how they always seemed to find productive activities to participate in way before technology was used. I think that people should take breaks from technology to have some personal ‘me’ time without any distractions. So to answer your questions, to an extent I think it has definitely ruined our lives. It is up to the person to determine whether or not they will let it.

    Erin Dodd

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