Science has long been at odds with certain groups in society, mainly religious ones.  As a young discipline has found itself persecuted time and time again by the conservative religious members of our society time and time again for questioning their long standing beliefs.  Because of this, many would try to discredit the scientific method and its findings, and one way this is done is through poor vocabulary knowledge.  In order to illustrate this point I will use the most widely accepted scientific principle among scientists and the most denied one among non scientists, the theory of evolution.

Now, a key fact to remember is that evolution as a theory is not new, nor is it out dated.  Charles Darwin published his theory of evolution by natural selection in the 1800’s, and the core of this theory has not been questioned by any serious scientists since.  Its details have been refined with new discovers such as the discovery of the mechanism of heredity (DNA) or the various time scales evolution can take place, but no research stands against the core principle.

However, despite the nearly universal acceptance of this theory by the scientific community it is still a source of great debate among laymen.  One way that they attempt to discredit the theory is by simply calling it what it is, a theory.  But anyone who thought calling it a theory was an insult clearly doesn’t understand the principle.  Most people assume theory means a guess, however in science it is a grand unifying idea that encompasses a body of facts.  There is no guessing involved, and I invite anyone who denies evolution to jump off a bridge, because if they question the theory of evolution they must also question the theory of gravity.  After all, they are both just theories.

– Travis Piser

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