What’s the difference?

So today in class my professor asks the class, “What does it mean to be well-educated?” However, another student followed up by asking whether he meant well-educated, knowledgeable or both.

I’m sure that anyone could argue that the two words are clearly the same and others that completely disagree. Personally, I believe the two words have completely separate meanings. It’s pretty clear that “well-educated” can be determined on some sort of scale. For example, diplomas or how far a person made it through school can determine whether or not a person is well-educated. But of course, is well-educated a definite meaning? Does being well-educated mean that a person has to have a bachelors degree from a well established college? Or can a person with a high school diploma be equally as well-educated or are they considered somewhat educated? Obviously, being educated has to do with the act of education itself, but being well-educated is usually judged by the rating of the school a person has attended, along with whether or not he received some sort of degree. So when it comes to determining how educated a person is, can it vary or it is always “well-educated?”

It’s easy to measure whether or not a person is well-educated, however, how about determining if a person is knowledgeable? I believe that knowledge is based off a persons experience in any aspect of life. I do not think that a person can be knowledgeable with any topic, it is not possible for one person to adequately experience everything there is. Really, there is no actual measurement of knowledge but rather how one applies their knowledge a specific situation. So isn’t everyone knowledgeable in their own way, doesn’t every single person have something to offer to a situation? Being well-educated may be easy to determine, but being knowledgeable is one for everyone to determine on their own.

–Jamie Tan


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