I’ve become that teacher…

So, I teach ENGL 225–Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies. It is a class I dearly love to teach. In fact, you will be reading the work of my students in this very blog. My students this semester are going to be amazing. I can already tell.

Here is the problem: I’ve become that teacher who underestimates the time classroom activities will take by about 40 percent. When I began teaching, I worried that I would go undertime, and sometimes I did. For the most part, though, I learned to budget class time pretty darn well. As I have continued to teach, though, and especially teach THIS CLASS, I have found that the things I think we should do and talk about are much more substantive than I have time for in a 50-minute class. It’s kind of like when I eat Indian food–I eat until I’m full, but it tastes so good that I continue to take bite after delicious bite, way past the point of being full and on to feeling icky.

I’ve no solutions yet, except trying to remember to request the course during semesters when I teach Tuesday/Thursday for 75 minutes, or maybe taking my students to an island where they have nothing else to do but attend my class.

I’m sorry, University of Delaware, but I can only teach on Bora Bora.